Climate change is real

Human change is slow

Climate Coaching accelerates climate
focused human change

Our Actions

Climate Coaching

Discover what you are called to do – through actions big and small – to lighten your climate footprint.

Climate Champions

If you’re doing big things towards climate action, let us support you in continuing your invaluable work.

Climate Classrooms

Climate consciousness developed at a young age becomes an adult habit. We support schools that support the climate.

Climate Crisis

If you've been affected by a climate crisis and need support on the long road to recovery, let us support you to rebuild your life.

Climate Corporates

Climate action is most powerful at the corporate level. We support low-profit corporates with a history and vision for climate consciousness to expand their success.

Climate Consciousness

Our Climate Consciousness tool is currently in development. Check back soon.

ABOUT US is a ReciproCoach initiative started as a group of ReciproCoaches coaching each other to lighten our individual climate footprints. Our individual efforts turned into a coaching catalyst for climate transformation. is here to support you to take Climate Action – however big or small.


Feel free to reach out to us to ask questions, find out how we can support you, or how you can become involved.