Climate Champions

Climate Champions


In a world rife with environmental challenges, a spirited wave of change-makers is rising. These individuals, driven by an unwavering passion for the planet, are not merely spectators but champions of action in the battle against climate change. With fervor and dedication, they rally communities, ignite conversations, and pioneer innovative solutions.


From grassroots activists to visionary entrepreneurs, these trailblazers embody the essence of commitment, tirelessly advocating for sustainable practices and renewable initiatives. They plant trees, harness clean energy, and amplify the urgency of preserving our delicate ecosystems. Their determination fuels a collective movement, inspiring global solidarity and spurring governments and corporations to take accountability.


These climate warriors showcase the power of collective action, proving that each small step towards sustainability holds the potential for monumental change. Their unwavering resolve stands as a beacon of hope, illuminating the path towards a future where harmony between humanity and the planet is not just a dream but a resounding reality.


If you’re an individual dedicated to climate action or part of an organization committed to this cause, let us support your invaluable work. ReciproCoach is offering six 45-minute pro-bono coaching sessions to accelerate the growth and success of Climate Champions’ work in organizations or individual initiatives.


In these sessions, you’ll work consistently with the same coach, typically online via video conference. Your coaching focus need not be solely on climate-related matters; we understand the challenges Climate Champions face and recognise the risks of burnout and overwhelming commitments. We know a bit of support can make a big difference.


If you’re a Climate Champion individual or part of an organization dedicated Climate Action, apply for a Climate Champions Pro-Bono Coach for yourself or your employees here.

Here’s what past participants of the Climate Champions Coaching have said:

Client testimonials


“Thank you very much creating this program. As a climate campaigner in a small NGO we have very limited resources and it is often difficult to access high quality support like this.” – Climate Champion Client 2020



“This is a gift! Thank you for the opportunity. I sincerely appreciate being giving the support. Its been very helpful and due to current resources, its been great to have this service gifted.”– Climate Champion Client 2020



“Since working with my coach I’ve successfully transitioned from student/volunteer to paid consultant and freelancer, negotiated two huge contracts for inspiring, meaningful work in the climate/wildlife sector, and set in motion strategies for building my confidence, understanding of workplace dynamics, career networking, and improving my skill to gauge the scope of projects, stay on track, and to recognise when I need extra resources, and advocate for myself.” – Climate Champion Client 2020



“I appreciated the flexibility in discussion between talking about both my personal and professional life. I enjoyed the practical advice and reflective questioning.” – Climate Champion Client 2020



“I had a really great coach who was able to understand my challenges/opportunities and structure our sessions so that we always got something out of it. This program was great, thank you so much for making the opportunity available.” – Climate Champion Client 2020


Coach testimonials


I enjoyed my reflective client and knowing he does great things for the environment within his org.” – Climate Champion Coach 2020


“I enjoyed being able to support another climate volunteer.” – Climate Champion Coach 2020


“I enjoyed being part of a movement to support climate change champions.” – Climate Champion Coach 2020


“I enjoyed relationship building with the client, seeing growth and opportunity to create change in approaches that she is pursuing. I would love to be doing more of this in service to clients.” – Climate Champion Coach 2020


“I enjoyed having a shared passion with my client. But also meeting someone who is aiming to make a difference in a completely different professional field to myself. I really enjoyed this programme.” – Climate Champion Coach 2020


“My client was very appreciative of the coaching… She’s passionate about what she does, and we did what I think was some impactful work that will benefit her going forward.” – Climate Champion Coach 2020


“It was lovely to connect with my client and support her.” – Climate Champion Coach 2020